Can A Bath Be Under A Window? Pros, Cons & Everything Explained

Are you designing the ultimate master en-suite and imagine a deep soaker bath positioned next to an expansive picture window? Is this even possible?

In this post, I’ll go over the pros, cons and everything you need to know when considering putting a bath under a window in your new bathroom.

Let’s dive in!

Can A Bath Be Under A Window?

Yes, you can place your bath directly under a window or add a window to your bath and shower enclosure. However, you may need to check with a licensed engineer/builder familiar with your local building codes and regulations if any restrictions or installation considerations may apply.

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Considerations When Placing A Bath Under A Window

Here are the major concerns and considerations when positioning that jetted tub or vintage claw foot bath right under a window.

Think About Your Privacy

Whether you live in town or even on a quiet suburban street, there is a good chance that your bathroom window looks out on a neighbour’s garden. The idea of gazing out your window while having a good soak is appealing, but the kid next door might not want to see in. You have a few options to improve your privacy while still having that big bathroom window.

  • Add glass block or etched glass for an opaque yet light-filled window
  • Use waterproof shutters or curtains that can be opened when you are not in the tub
  • Add a high-mounted window that is above the height of the bath or shower

Waterproofing The Woodwork

Do you live in a quaint farmhouse or terrace built during distant centuries? That gorgeous double-hung window over the bath will also have an antique wood frame. You need to use the proper waterproofing paint to completely seal the wood to prevent rot. Another option is to install a modern window that uses aluminium or vinyl trim to maintain the look while extending its lifespan.

Tempered Glass Or Glass Block Is A Must

Did you know that most slip-and-falls at home happen in the bath? That is why any window or glass enclosure in the bathroom must be made out of tempered glass or glass block. If a tempered window ever shatters, it will break into thousands of tiny pieces that are less likely to cause deep cuts. If you want to keep an old window, you need to have it glazed to meet regulations.

How Is The Bathroom Ventilated?

Building regulations require that a bathroom has either a window that can be opened or an extractor fan. In a modern build, the extractor fan is required regardless of the presence of a window. If you are switching out an old window with a functioning sash for a fixed pane, you must add the extractor fan. But the fan is probably a good idea, either way.

Skylights May Be The Perfect Answer

If your bathroom is a typical tiny affair found in many flats, you really may not have space on the walls to add a window. If your bathroom is on the upper floor, a skylight can bring in tons of sunshine without destroying your privacy.

Advantages Of A Bath Under A Window

Here are a few of the main advantages of having your bathtub under a window.

Enjoy A Soothing View During A Soak

Fill the bath with bubbles and step into relaxation while you look at your flower garden or keep an eye on the kids. It is just one step closer to taking a dip in your favourite bathing pond.

Good Source Of Light

You won’t need to hit the switch for the overhead light every time that you enter the room. Save on your monthly utilities even if it is the busiest bathroom in the house.

Provides Good Ventilation For The Bathroom

Opening a window is the fastest way to get rid of a fogged mirror or clear out some smells. Leave it cracked open all summer long to maintain fresh air and reduce the buildup of mildew due to high humidity.

Sunlight Is A Natural Killer Of Mould

Were you always fighting black mould in the bathroom of your city flat? A window brings in ultra-violet rays that are the natural enemy of mould.

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Disadvantages Of A Bath Under A Window

Here are a few of the main disadvantages of having your bathtub under a window.

The Neighbours Can See You

When your window faces your neighbour’s window, there will be no privacy. You may end up blocking it over to turn away prying eyes.

Window Frame Is Susceptible To Rot

A window installed directly over the bath is more likely to get splashed and start to fall apart due to water damage. You will need to keep an eye on the trim and frame for warping.

Safety Concerns For Kids

If the window opens, and you have young children using the bath, there is a chance that somebody can fall out or through the window.

How High Should A Window Be Above A Bathtub?

It is recommended that a new window installed over a bath be about 1.5 metres above the floor such that somebody taking a shower is not likely to bump the glass with their elbow.

Regulations state that the lower sill of the lower window sash can be no lower than 800 mm above the floor. However, if you have a fixed window pane built out of properly tempered glass or block, you can take the window all the way to the floor.

If unsure, always check with your local building regulations.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know if you’re considering putting your bath under a window.

It can be a great design option and a striking visual to place your bathtub under a window. However, as with most things, there are a few considerations you’ll need to take into account to do so.

So, will you position your bathtub under a window in your new bathroom?


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