10 Magnificent Minimalist Bathrooms | Ideas And Inspiration

Minimalist Bathrooms are a hot trend at the moment. In fact, minimalist design and minimalism, in general, has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Characterised by simplicity, functionality and a lack of clutter or anything superfluous, you’ll often see some influence and similarities with Scandi and Japandi design.

In this post, I’m sharing 10 Minimalist bathrooms to inspire you for your next bathroom refresh or renovation project.

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What Is Minimalist Design?

Minimalism and minimalist design can mean slightly different things to different people or circumstances. When we talk about minimalist design in terms of interior design there are a few general design principles to try and abide by. These include:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Clean lines
  • Balance & Symmetry
  • Items and furniture need to have a purpose or meaning
  • The idea that ‘less is more’
  • Often has a neutral base colour or monochromatic theme
  • An uncluttered space, allowing the architecture, single item or view to be the main focal point
  • Embracing negative space
  • No superfluous ornamentation or decoration

“Minimalism is not an architecture of self-denial, deprivation, or absence: it is defined not by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced.”

John Pawson

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10 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas And Inspiration

I’ve linked to the source of each image, so please check them out, give them a follow and share your appreciation.

1. Concrete Oasis

This gorgeous minimalist bathroom uses the same large format concrete effect tiles on the walls and floor to create a stunning seamless look. The lightwell in the ceiling helps bring natural daylight into the room to keep things cool and fresh. A freestanding bath provides a focal point and centrepiece to the simple and open design, proving that less really is more.

2. Monochrome Minimalist

Minimalist Bathrooms Ideas
Source: LSA

A simple and clean monochrome colour palette gives this modern bathroom a minimalist look. The frameless glass shower enclosure and floating vanity unit help make the room feel spacious and clutter-free.

3. Bold Patterns

Minimalist design doesn’t mean you can’t have colour or patterns. This bathroom is the perfect example of letting a feature element that you love shine while keeping the other elements in the room simple and minimal so as not to compete for your attention.

Having clean white walls, a simple bath, shower and vanity design creates a neutral minimalist backdrop so the focus can be those bold floor tiles.

4. Scandi-Minimalism

Minimalist Bathrooms Ideas
Source: Bed Threads

I love this gorgeous minimalist/Scandi inspired bathroom. It keeps things clean and fresh with a light and neutral colour palette while introducing a touch of texture and nature with the wooden countertop, mirror frame and woven baskets.

5. Luxury on Tap

A little bit of (minimalist) luxury. You don’t have to have everything white or basic to be minimal. This luxurious looking bathroom combines rich blue wall tiles with brass accents to give a sense of warmth and indulgence to the room. Yet it keeps things simple with a clear glass shower screen and concealed cistern. Letting the essential (and beautiful) elements shine.

6. Clean Industrial

Stripped back to basics. Exposed brick walls and wooden floorboards give this minimalist bathroom a little industrial vibe. Lots of natural light and a neutral colour scheme let the stunning freestanding bath and vintage basin stand out as the stars of the room.

7. Marble Minimalism

marble tiled bathroom
Source: est

Head to toe in marble. Clean lines, uncluttered, light neutral palette and designed for function — a minimalists dream. I particularly love that walk-in shower and giant rain head on the ceiling. Your own personal spa experience.

8. Dark & Moody Minimalist

Dark and moody Minimalist Bathrooms Ideas
Source: GRAS

Who says minimalist has to be all white. This gorgeous dark, moody yet warm bathroom plays with large format tiles, concrete finishes and natural timber elements. Blending the textures and tones perfectly together to create an understated elegance.

This is a particular favourite of mine. Definitely recommend checking out the rest of the Kyle House project by Gras. Simply stunning.

9. Spacious Shower

Source: Instil Design

Minimal isn’t mini in this stunning large open bathroom. Only the essentials on offer to help disconnect and give yourself a calm, relaxing shower experience. Using large format marble tiles and a frameless shower screen adds to the sense of space and clean lines. Less really is more.

10. Soft Simplicity

The light grey matte finish tiles and lime-washed wood vanity help to create a soft, light and natural look. Wall-mounted taps and a concealed cistern keep things clean and minimal allowing the sanitaryware to sit quietly and blend harmoniously together.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! 10 Minimalist Bathrooms to give you some ideas and inspiration.

It’s easy to see why the minimalist look is a popular design choice. Bringing together the best of style, simplicity, and functionality, you’ll love this design for years to come.

I hope this post has given you some insight and inspiration if you’re thinking of going minimalist for your new bathroom.


Michael R

Michael is a KBB designer from the UK. He's been designing and project managing new Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom installations for over eight years now, and before that, he was an electrician and part of a KBB fitting team. He created The Bathroom Blueprint in early 2020.