Small Bathroom Sink Ideas | Bathroom Basins For Small Spaces

If you’re looking to maximise a compact bathroom space then installing a small bathroom sink (also called a cloakroom sink or compact basin) could be a great option to help fit in everything you need.

In this post, I’ll explain what a cloakroom basin is as well as go through some small bathroom sink options.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Cloakroom Basin?

A cloakroom basin is really just another name for a small bathroom sink or a compact basin. These smaller basins are crafted to fit into cramped spaces that may not offer enough elbow room for a standard basin.

Homeowners can find many choices for a cloakroom basin that will save room and still provide a quick wash where it is needed.

You can find a cloakroom basin that is just 350 mm wide and 200 mm deep. This leaves more room in front of the basin to stand and wash your hands. Your standard basin without a vanity will measure around 500-600 mm wide and 450-500mm deep.

Since your cloakroom may be tucked under the front stairs or off the kitchen, it may be very small with a low ceiling and just no room for your elbows. But when nature calls, even a cleverly designed cloakroom provides a moment of comfort for your family and friends.

When finalising the layout for your cloakroom upgrade, create a floor plan on paper or your tablet and add the measurements of a compact toilet and basin, so you can create the best possible solution.

How much will it cost?

A small bathroom sink is often just as affordable as larger traditional units. You can find them for as low as £40. Discover versions with custom taps, vessel sinks, and natural stone and spend £400 or more.

Just how posh your cloakroom will be is up to you and your budget.

Does a small bathroom sink need special plumbing?

No, while the basin is sized to fit your compact cloakroom, all the fittings, pipes, and connections match your standard plumbing. The installation will be no pricier than a standard sink.

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Small Bathroom Sink Ideas

Not all cloakroom basins are the same. A range of designs and configurations give you a variety of options for the best possible fit.

Left-Hand / Right-Hand Wall Hung Basin

Left-Hand / Right-Hand Wall Hung Basin for a cloakroom sink

If your small bathroom will be installed in a corner, the position of the taps will affect how you can use it. A shallow wall hung basin can have the taps on the left or the right. It is best to have the taps against the wall, so your hands are free to soap, scrub, and rinse without bumping into the wall. 

You can find a left or right-hand wall hung basin as small as 355mm wide and 210 mm deep.

Benefits of Left-Hand / Right-Hand Wall Hung Basin

  • Leaves more room in front for standing and entering the room through the door.
  • Waste and plumbing connections can be easily hidden in a wall.
  • No large pedestal or vanity.

Corner Basin

A corner basin has a triangular shape to the basin bowl and will not project as far into the cloakroom as a traditional sink. They are available in wall-hung or vanity options and installed in the corner. They are a good choice for small and square cloakrooms that would otherwise only be large enough for a toilet.

Your corner basin can measure as little as 300mm square, which can be as much as 250mm smaller than the sink chosen for your main bathroom. Making it a great space saver!

Benefits of a Corner Basin

  • Tucks into the corner next to the cloakroom door
  • Offers extra space in square toilet rooms
  • Available with pedestals, wall-hung, or vanities for extra storage

Semi-Recessed Basin

semi-recessed compact basin

A semi-recessed basin is often inset to a shelving unit or narrow cabinet. Its finished front section can look like a popular apron-style kitchen sink but in a much smaller design. In a cloakroom, even a narrow shelf that runs along the wall and over the toilet gives you a spot for soap, moisturiser, and an extra roll of TP.

These basins tend to be a little bigger than many small bathroom sinks with dimensions running from 450 to 550mm deep. However, since it is inset into the shelf, the shelf or countertop can be just 250 mm deep, giving you a little extra room to scoot out the door.

Benefits of a Semi-Recessed Basin

  • Allows for countertop storage and function
  • Larger basin for a more comfortable wash
  • Modern design
  • Leaves room for people and doors to get by

Slim Vanity Unit

Slim vanity unit for a small bathroom sink

A slim vanity unit will have both a basin and vanity in a single piece. The smaller cloakroom versions fit into more compact spaces while still giving you a cupboard for paper, towels, and soap. The basin and countertop may be moulded as a single piece. Plumbing is often hidden below, which can save on damage to walls.

Most slim vanity units are built no smaller than 350mm deep but can be 450 to 550mm wide.

When your cloakroom does have an extra square metre of space, a compact vanity can improve its functionality and storage options.

Benefits of a Slim Vanity Unit

  • Includes storage for bathroom supplies
  • Minimises damage to walls during installation
  • Encloses pipe and waste connections

Toilet Sink Combo

Toilet sink combo small bathroom sink idea

A cloakroom toilet sink combo is a smart way to tackle your project with one click. A toilet sink combo has the basin perched on top of the toilet, which allows you to install a cloakroom into a narrow space measuring just one metre wide. 

If you have a little more space available you could also offset the sink behind the toilet to allow for more storage and better access to the sink. In a single unit the toilet tucks beneath a shelf that runs the length of an entire wall.

The shelf doubles as a countertop for your compact basin and vanity storage. This design allows for the side-to-side measurement of 15 cm between the wall and toilet to be used for storage.  Better yet, all the plumbing is hidden in the cabinetry eliminating the need for demolishing walls.

Benefits of a Toilet Sink Combo

  • Buy your toilet and small bathroom sink in one purchase
  • Adds storage and function in a confined space
  • Hides plumbing
  • Lowers installation costs

What is the smallest size bathroom sink?

A left/right-hand wall-hung basin is typically the smallest-sized bathroom sink available on the market.

They can measure as little as 355mm wide and 210mm deep. Perfect for a small bathroom or compact toilet room under the stairs.

However, they are not recommended for your main bathroom. Being so small they can become quite frustrating to use on a regular basis.

What sink is recommended for a bathroom with limited space?

A cloakroom sink is recommended if you are short on space for your bathroom or toilet room.

Cloakroom sinks (or small bathroom sinks) are available in a variety of style options as well as dimensions to help fit into tight spaces while maximising the function of the bathroom.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know about small bathroom sinks (aka cloakroom sinks).

If you’re tight on space and want to maximise the functionality of your compact space then a small bathroom sink can be a great option. And there’s plenty of choice on the market to suit your room’s dimensions as well as your particular style.


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