10 Art Deco Style Bathrooms | Ideas And Inspiration

Art Deco Style Bathrooms are a relatively new trend, but one that already has some serious staying power. It’s functional yet stylish, combining everything you need with nothing you don’t.

What does that mean in practice? Just think geometric shapes, bold colours and a touch of indulgence.

In this post, I’m sharing 10 Art Deco Style Bathrooms to help give you some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation project.

What Is Art Deco Bathroom Design

Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is a form of design that came to prominence during the inter-war years of the 1920s and 30s, Art Deco is best known for its use of bold colours and geometric shapes.

  • Bold Colours
  • Circular and rounded shapes.
  • Rich and indulgent textures
  • Simplification of shapes, stylization of patterns.
  • Geometric shapes.
  • Order, colour and geometry.
  • Repetitive patterns.

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10 Art Deco Style Bathrooms

I’ve linked to the source of each image, so please check them out, give them a follow on their socials and share your appreciation.

1. Rich and Indulgent

This gorgeous rich and indulgent-looking bathroom oozes art deco. From the bold dark rectangular pattern tiles around the shower to the exposed vanity with brass fixtures and marble countertop. The look is completed by a classic art deco-styled mirror, firmly transporting this bathroom back to the 1920s.

2. Contemporary Art Deco

Art Deco Style Bathrooms
Source: MOXON London

This simply stunning bathroom uses a black framework to create bold and geometric patterns contrasted against the soft pink walls and beautiful marble floor. Round mirrors and oval vanity sink alongside the showpiece contemporary art deco lighting fixture make this bathroom a perfect example of a modern take on art deco.

3. Small but Stylish

Art Deco Style Bathrooms
Source: Gathered

This lovely little basin nook uses bold dark colours combined with a patterned wallpaper to give it that art deco feel. The brass detailing, vanity style basin and round mirror all add to the look, achieving a small but stylish art deco bathroom.

4. Gatsby-esque

I imagine this is what one of Gatsby’s bathrooms looked like. Rich deep green tiles set against a gorgeous art deco patterned wallpaper give this bathroom a real sense of luxury. The exposed vanity with brass fixtures alongside the boldly shaped mirror and wall lights really gives this bathroom that art deco vibe.

5. Gorgeous Geometry

What a stunning bathroom. From the marbled floor and wall tiles to the beautiful geometric patterned green tiles, this bathroom oozes class. The brass fixtures and shelf combine to add a sense of luxury, while the twin round wall lights make you feel like you’re backstage getting ready to put on a show.

6. Patterned in Pink

A pretty pink shower room with art deco accents dotted throughout. A beautiful mix of marble and pink with black framework contrasted between the two. You’ve got that bold pink patterned tile work in the shower offset against geometric floor tiles all tiled together with brass fixtures and a black framework. All finished off by that class art deco style oval mirror.

7. Black and Gold

I feel like this bathroom should be in a hotel overlooking the empire state building. The bold black and gold patterned tiles contrast against each other to give a real sense of luxury. While the classic art deco styled mirror and wall light transport you back to the roaring 1920s.

8. Glamorous Green

Art Deco Style Bathrooms
Source: E+A Interiors

It’s all about those beautifully bold and geometric patterned green tiles in contrast with the herringbone marble floor tiles. Throw in a gold vessel sink atop a marble countertop and you’ve got a luxurious art deco bathroom. There’s just something about green and gold (brass) that works so well.

9. Monochrome Art Deco

Source: Brilliant SA

Keeping it classic and monochrome with this art deco-style bathroom. The bold contrast of just black and white combined with the patterned floor and stunningly shaped mirror all work together to create a simple yet effective art deco look.

10. Bold in Blue

You don’t have to cover every inch of the room in tiles to get that art deco look. This lovely little shower room keeps things clean and simple with a marble floor and white walls. Only introducing those beautiful dark blue patterned tiles around the shower to give the room a pop of colour. The black-framed glass and aged brass fixtures finish the look off, creating a modern take on the art deco style.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! 10 Art Deco Style Bathrooms to give you some ideas and inspiration.

It’s easy to see why the Art Deco look is a popular design choice. Bringing together bold colours, strong patterns and a sense of luxury and indulgence.

I hope this post has given you some insight and inspiration if you’re thinking of going Art Deco for your new bathroom.


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