Bathtub In A Bedroom | Is It A Good Idea?

If you love taking long baths, you may be tempted by the growing interior design trend of installing a luxurious bathtub in your bedroom. Is that even possible, is it a wise idea or a waste of space?

In this post, I’ll explain if you can put a bathtub in a bedroom and why you might want to do so as well as answer some popular questions about the topic.

Let’s dive in!

Can you put a bathtub in a bedroom?

Yes, there are no building codes or regulations that stop you from installing a tub in your master bedroom.

But before you get too excited, you will want to consider if this is really what you want to do.

The bathtub will require the installation of water supply and waste pipes. Any electrical outlets or switches cannot be within its splash zone. And you will likely want to add some kind of water-resistant flooring and wall protection.

bath in a bedroom

Why do people put bathtubs in their bedrooms?

If you have ever stayed in a luxury or boutique hotel on the seaside, you may have enjoyed a jetted tub in your suite. In homes with large master suites and small ensuites, placing the tub in the bedroom means you can indulge in a long soak in complete privacy.

Just imagine a gorgeous slipper tub positioned in front of your bedroom bay window. You won’t need to fight for me-time as the kids want to take showers, check their hair, or brush their teeth. This will be your own oasis.

Start your favourite playlist on your surround sound system. Light a few candles and turn on a small bedside lamp. You can even sprinkle some rose petals on the scented water. As you sing along while scrubbing, there is no echo from a room packed with porcelain.

Second, your shower is just too small. You would love to upgrade your ensuite, but it may not have the square footage needed to switch the shower to a tub or add a fourth piece of sanitaryware.

Also, moving or adding new pipes in the bathroom may require the total demolition of existing fixtures. Meanwhile, the bedroom may have lots of space for a lounging sofa or…a soaker tub. 

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Advantages of a Bedroom Bathtub

  • Expand the Function of a Small Master Ensuite: You live in a luxurious home with a small three-piece master ensuite. Get the bathroom experience you deserve without moving walls and demolishing an existing updated bathroom.

  • Soak as Long as You Want: This is your bedroom. There are no kids waiting for their turn in the shower or tub.

  • The Ultimate Private Moment: Close the door on the world, add your favourite bath salts, and sink beneath the bubbles.

Disadvantages of a Bedroom Bathtub

  • Expensive Installation: You will pay the same price to add a tub in a new spot as expanding or updating the bathroom.

  • Does Not Add Value to Your Home: A tub in the bedroom is not seen as a good option for most homebuyers. It may, in fact, be negative.

  • Potential for Water Damage: It’s a giant tub of water in the middle of a room full of furniture, clothing, and carpets that can be destroyed by a single overflow event.

  • Not a Family-Friendly Addition: While you may not have water fights in your bathroom tub, the kids might want to sneak in and create some serious havoc.

Is a bathtub in a bedroom a good idea?

Adding a tub to your bedroom is a good idea if you really want a soaker tub, you will use it on a regular basis, and you have no intention of selling the house soon or concern about the potential re-sale risk.

This trending home renovation design is seen by some as a luxury upgrade, but to most homeowners and potential buyers, it is confusing and considered a waste of space. 

Since the bedroom is not designed to deal with quantities of water, there is a real risk of water damaging the floor, walls, and even electrical outlets.

Ultimately, this is a luxury indulgence, not an investment in your property.

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How do you install a bathtub in a bedroom?

If you are set on adding that bedroom tub, you should first consult with a certified building engineer. The floor and structural support of the room must be able to handle the weight of a tub full of water–which typically weighs between 350 and 450 kilograms.

You need to create an electrical plan and possibly move outlets. Any light installed over the tub must have a rating of IPX4. Any lighting fixtures located within 600mm to the side of the tub must also be splash-proof and outlets must run on no more than 12 volts.

The cords for lamps and other electrical items used in the bedroom, like hair dryers, must not be able to extend inside the 600mm limit.

The plumber will need to run new cold and hot water supply lines to the new tub and add a waste pipe that is properly vented under the floor.

Next, install a waterproof or water-resistant floor. This can be ceramic tile or luxury vinyl planks. Avoid using hardwood and carpets in the area surrounding the tub.

Depending on how close the tub is to the wall, you may want to tile the wall or add an acrylic wall panel to protect the plasterboard.

Finally, the tub is put into place, and you can start enjoying epic bubble baths.

freestanding bath in a bedroom

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How much does it cost to install a bathtub in a bedroom?

If you think you are saving money by just adding the tub to the bedroom instead of updating your bathroom, think again. The cost to add a tub to your master suite is comparable to a full bathroom renovation minus the cost of the other pieces of sanitaryware.

The tub itself costs between £400 and £1,000. However, you can expect to spend between £2,000 and £10,000 for the project depending on the scope of demolition and construction.

Since you are demolishing down to the studs on a good portion of the room, the project can take between two and four weeks.

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Can you put a freestanding bath in a bedroom?

Yes. You can install any type of bath in a bedroom. In fact, freestanding tubs are the most popular choice when it comes to putting a bath in a bedroom.

Freestanding bathtubs are often associated with elegance and an upscale look. Perfect if you’re looking for that wow factor in your master bedroom.

freestanding bathtub in a bedroom

What are bathrooms in bedrooms called?

There isn’t really a word for having a bathroom inside your bedroom. However, the closet thing would be an ensuite (en-suite).

An en-suite bathroom is directly connected to and entered through a bedroom. It can’t be accessed through any other room. Making it a private bathroom for whoever is staying in that bedroom.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know if you are considering having a bathtub in a bedroom.

A divisive new trend in the world of bathroom design. Perfect for those wishing to have a private and indulgent soaking experience. Especially if you don’t have/can’t fit a bathtub in an existing bathroom.

However, installing a tub in your bedroom can be just as costly as renovating your existing bathroom. And, the thought of a bathtub in a bedroom may put people off when it comes time to sell the property.


Michael R

Michael is a KBB designer from the UK. He's been designing and project managing new Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom installations for over eight years now, and before that, he was an electrician and part of a KBB fitting team. He created The Bathroom Blueprint in early 2020.