Can You Use Bubble Bath In A Jetted Tub Or Jacuzzi?

Ahhhh! There is nothing like sinking into a tub of scented bubbles and letting your day seep out your toes. And you just got a jetted tub, so now would be a great time for a truly epic bubble bath, right?

Well, wait right there. Have you ever heard the saying, “Bubbles everywhere?” You will experience it if you pour your favourite bubble bath into your jetted tub. Is that a bad thing?

In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about using bubble bath in a jetted tub or Jacuzzi.

Let’s dive in!

Can You Use Bubble Bath In A Jetted Tub Or Jacuzzi?

Yes, but it could be a bad idea.

You might be okay using a VERY small amount of bubble bath in a jetted bathtub but it is not advised. If you use a general bubble bath, it can harm your tub and be nearly impossible to clean up.

However, there are specially formulated low foam bubble baths and spa scents available on the market specifically for use in a jetted tub. Stick with these products to be safe.

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Can You Use Regular Bubble Bath In A Jetted Tub Or Jacuzzi?

This is likely a bad idea. The suds created in a bottle of bubble bath are formed as air is introduced into the bathwater by the spout or by agitating it with your hand.

A jetted tub cranks up the agitation exponentially resulting in a geyser of bubbles that will overflow the tub, even if you use a very small amount.

So, you just need to run extra water to wash the bubbles down the drain, right? Yes, if you have an hour or two to beat back the softly scented avalanche.

Well, bubble bath won’t harm the tub, will it?

Actually, it can.

The soap can get into the circulating system and clog the motor and jets, especially if you make this a regular habit. Depending on the make of your Jacuzzi and the type of bubbles you used, it may mar the finish of the bath.

Finally, using a product that is not approved for use in a jetted tub can void your warranty, which means the cost of cleaning those clogged jets will come out of your pocket.

Jetted bathtub - Can you use bubble bath?

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What Products Can You Use In A Jetted Tub Or Jacuzzi?

If you are in love with wallowing in a scented bath filled with bubbles, a jetted tub is the best place for it.

Whether you have an air or water-jetted Jacuzzi, you get a world of soothing bubbles by just flipping a switch.

If you want to add scent or a skin softener for a more luxurious soak, you only need to look for products approved for use in a jetted tub.

Epsom Salts

You will find this tried and true product in every chemist and many supermarkets. Follow the directions on the package for use with a jetted tub.

Epsom salts help to soothe aching muscles. Your skin will feel silky smooth after a good soak. They generally come with no scent, so you can check your favourite aromatherapy shop for something to add to your salt bath.

At the same time, a bottle of bath salts found on the store shelf may use Epsom salt, but it might also include oils that may pose problems for your tub. Look for the generic Epsom salts for a safe choice.

Softening Scents Designed For Your Jacuzzi

Ask your whirlpool tub installer for recommendations for spa products. You will find bath milk, aromatherapy scents, and softening oils formulated to be easily rinsed out of your tub. 

They may even make a low-foaming bubble bath that is safe for your bath. Another great source is your local beauty spa, as they use these types of products in their hot tubs and massaging baths.

Outdoor Tub? Never Add An Unapproved Product

If your jetted tub sits in your back garden filled to the brim and waits for your nightly dip, the water is likely treated with chlorine. For this reason, using any kind of spa treatment in it is not safe.

Manufacturers are not required to divulge all the ingredients and there may be a bad chemical reaction that can send you or your guest to the A&E.

Outdoor Jacuzzi  Don't use bubble bath

Air vs. Water Jets With Bubble Bath

Most back garden hot tubs use air jets. Air and water are combined before being pumped through the jets. Creating a pleasant bubbling experience that is fun and relaxing.

If you purchased a bath for hydrotherapy, it will have water jets. These are much more powerful and can be targeted at sore muscles and joints.

Both air and water jetted tubs are not intended for use with regular bubble bath. The circulating pumps that move the water to create bubbles will get clogged by the soaps and oils found in bubble bath products. Besides, those jets are making all the bubbles that you really need!

Ultimately, your best bet is to use approved bath salts, light your favourite scented candle, and apply after-bath oil after climbing out of your jetted tub.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it. Everything you need to know about using bubble bath in a jetted tub or jacuzzi.

While it is possible to use bubble bath in a jetted tub, you have to be very careful with the amount you use. Or make sure that you use specially formulated bubble bath or spa scents designed for jetted bathtubs or jacuzzis.

So now you know, grab some recommended spa products and indulge in that wonderful bubble bath!


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