Two Person Bathtub | Shared Relaxation

Do you remember that romantic getaway to the beach and the hotel with the huge bath right in the room? You would like to bring back some of those intimate moments with a two-person bathtub in your own bathroom. Is that possible?

In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know if you’re considering getting a two person bathtub as well as some popular bathtub types.

Let’s dive in!

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Can You Get A Two-Person Bathtub?

Yes, you can have your very own bath for two installed in your home. They are often listed as double-ended bathtubs. You can find them as a claw-footed roll-top style or a more contemporary wall-mounted/insert. Their spacious design allows for two adults to sit face to face in the tub. Some two-person baths come with massaging jets for a private spa experience. 

Can You Get A Two-Person Bathtub?
Two person ‘Double Ended’ Bathtub

What Size Is A Two-Person Bathtub?

The usual two-ended bath often recommended as a two-person tub will measure 1700 to 1800 mm long and 700 to 800 mm wide. A more compact traditional bath is generally just 1500 mm long and 650 to 700 mm wide. If you opt for a soaking tub version, it can be as much as 700 mm deep compared to the standard 370 mm found on most average baths.

However, a corner-mounted two-person jetted bath like ones found in hotels can be even roomier. Think of an 1800 mm square footprint. There’s plenty of space for a proper bubble bath fight. 

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Advantages Of A Two-Person Bathtub

Why would you want to share a bath with your spouse or loved one? Communal bathing has been part of human culture for thousands of years. The Romans built extravagant buildings for this sole purpose. From Japan to Sweden, current cultures invite the entire extended family to partake in a hot bath or sauna. 

In your own home, filling up the tub for two saves time, heat, and water! Nobody is going to complain that there’s no hot water left for them. Your electric and water bill will appreciate the reduction in cost.

Spending time soaking, stirring up the bubbles, and sharing your day’s news improves communication and circulation.

There’s somebody to scrub your back! So you can finally get that spot to stop itching!

What do you put in the search bar when sourcing your two-person bathtub? There are four basic designs that you may want to consider.

Double Ended Alcove Bathtub

Double Ended Alcove Bathtub

If you are replacing your old shower and bath combination with a tub for two, a double-ended alcove bathtub may do the trick. Designed to fit into the narrow end of your bathroom they come in standard sizes that match the most popular traditional baths that exist in today’s homes. The taps may be wall-mounted and are positioned on the side of the bath.

You can find short alcove bathtubs measuring just 1500 mm long, but when inviting somebody else in for a soak look for ones that are at least 1700 mm long. 

If you love to lay your head back on the rim of the bath, this may not be the best choice as you might bump your head on the wall.

The exposed side of the bath will be hidden by a decorative panel, tile, or even plasterboard. 

Pricing for a two-person alcove tub will run between £250 and £1,000, depending on whether you order one in acrylic or stainless steel.

Double Ended Freestanding Bathtub

Double Ended Freestanding Bathtub

The freestanding two-person bathtub is most often seen in movies and advertisements for tropical escapes. It may have a claw foot design or sit directly on the floor with a fluted, contemporary look. The plumbing for the taps may be hidden in the sides of the bath, run up through the wall, or stand exposed as part of the overall vintage design.

These are the smart choice when you have an expansive spa in need of a serious piece of sanitaryware. They are built to take centre stage and look out of place in a small, cramped bathroom.

Freestanding tubs may be listed as slipper baths, roll-top, or soaker tubs. Some Japanese soaker tubs are circular, instead of oval, and will fit into a tighter spot than the more traditional design.

Expect to spend about £500 for your two-person freestanding bath and remember to leave a little extra for additional plumbing and finish work to make the pipes look pretty. Some custom tubs can run as high as £10,000 when they are carved from stone or hammered out in copper.

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Corner Bathtub

Corner Bathtub

The corner bath became more popular in the 90s and early 2000s as homes were built with larger master ensuites. You must be careful when ordering this two-person tub as there are quite a few smaller tubs sold in the corner configuration. Your best bet is to visit a showroom at a home spa retailer to find one with the extra legroom needed to accommodate the second person. Look for measurements of 850mm wide and larger.

Some corner baths come with jets and lights. It is easier to hide the equipment for the jets under the bath or in the walls when you have two sides available for the purpose.

Also, look for the position of the taps. While having the taps in the corner is a smart design for laying back, it takes away the extra elbow room you might want for snuggling. Taps positioned on the outer edge is the most practical solution for a larger tub.

Pricing begins at around £400 and will run into the thousands.

Spa Bathtub

Spa Bathtub

As mentioned for the corner baths, a spa soaker may be exactly what you imagine in a two-person tub. Spa manufacturers are getting more creative and offer massage-jet solutions for nearly every size tub, including one built for two. Your spa may feature soothing bubbles or powerful streams that can be directed at aching muscles. You end up with the perfect mix of a super-sized outdoor hot tub and a therapeutic soaking bath all inside your home.

Your spa bath for two will be pricey. It requires special electrical, plumbing, and professional installation. Budget at least £2,000 for the project.

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Final Thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know about two person bathtubs!

Whilst sharing a soak may not be for everyone, there are now a number of different options on the market to find your perfect size and shape tub for two. Designing your bathroom to accommodate a two person tub has never been easier.


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